Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preview: Glow in The Dark-a Heath Slater visual

Rosy and Heath were at her place, having some very good dinner and wine which was mostly Chinese take-out. They also enjoyed each other’s company and also the sound of rain falling outside. As the rain fell hard, a howling wind started blowing outside.

“It sure is pouring outside.” Heath said to her.

“Yeah, but I’m glad you’re here with me tonight. Eating dinner and listening to the rain.” Rosy replied.

As they were eating dinner, they sat close. Very close to each other. They’ve been friends for a while, but lately Heath had been drawn to Rosy. Heath liked Rosy’s sweet smile and her friendly personality while Rosy liked Heath’s red hair and strong body.

They finished up dinner when all of a sudden the lights and power in Rosy’s house went off.

“Looks out the lights just went out.” Rosy said as she looked around the now dark house.

“I’ll look for some candles.” Heath said as he went into the bathroom, looking into the closet.

“I got the flashlight.” Rosy said as she flicked it the flashlight on.

She pointed the flashlight in Heath’s direction as they looked for some candles. In the bathroom closet, Heath found a couple of scented votive candles.

“Do you have any matches? Because I want to light these scented candles. By the way, what scent are these candles?” Heath said to her.

“There are some matches in the kitchen counter. The scent of the candles is French vanilla.” Rosy said as she went into her bedroom.

As Heath went into the kitchen to get the matches, Rosy was in her room. She was about to change clothes when a thunderstorm outside startled her.

Rosy screamed “Yikes!”

With the candles and matches in his hands, Heath ran up to Rosy in her room.

“Rosy, are you okay?” Heath asked her.

Nervously, Rosy said, “I’m fine, it just that thunderstorms scare me and I don’t like them.”

Heath then wrapped his strong arms around her in a hug, comforting her nerves and gradually stopping the trembling in her body.

“Don’t worry, Rosy. I’m right here. I’m right here.” Heath said with comfort.

Then, Rosy looked up into Heath’s baby blue eyes as he softly kissed her lips. The warmth of his lips on hers put Rosy at ease, knowing that he’s with her, especially on a very stormy night.

Rosy gently broke the kiss as she spoke, “Why don’t I change into something a little more comfortable while you light the candles.”

“Sure. Take your time.” Heath said to her as Rosy went into the bathroom and changed clothes.

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