Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hot Body Shot-Justin Gabriel visual

Justin was in his locker room all alone. He was down in the dumps and heartbroken because his girlfriend Kelly Kelly had just been traded to RAW. Then, Stephanie walked into the locker room as she spotted his firm behind as she thought to herself, “It’s about time that blondie left him... she was no good for him anyways, now's my chance".

Justin thought to himself, “I can’t believe that she’s gone.”

Stephanie watched him as she wore a sexy black and blue one shoulder sleeve length top with a black miniskirt and black knee high boots. She then slowly approached him a she put her hands on his shoulders, rubbing them.

Justin then sadly said, “Hi, Stephanie.”

“You look so down, Justin.” Stephanie spoke as she put on her sweet and innocent act.

“Yeah, Kelly just got traded, that’s why I’m so down.” Justin replied.

“Awwwww, I’m so sorry to hear that, Justin.” Stephanie said as she put her hand on his shoulder.

“Thanks, Steph.” Justin said as he looked into her almond-shaped eyes.

Stephanie spoke, “Maybe it’s for the best, I mean I heard that she likes to sleep around with other superstars.”

“Maybe you’re right on the first part, not sure about the other part.” Justin said.

Stephanie added,”Oh but I heard that she slept with um... a married man and it turned out to be my ex-husband Randy Orton.”

Surprised, Justin said, “Oh, I didn’t hear about that!”
“Yeah, your blondie girlfriend, she’s the reason me and Randy aren’t together anymore. Now he’s married to some local girl and they have a daughter together, but that doesn’t bother me.” Stephanie spoke.

“Wow, I’m stunned.” Justin replied.

“You should be stunned because I heard she intended for you to be her next victim, but you didn’t hear that from me.” Stephanie said to him as she was about to leave.

“Okay. Wait, Steph.” Justin said to her.

Stephanie thought to herself, “Hook, line, and sinker.”

“I know I’m a little down and all, I was wondering if you would like to keep me company tonight.”

With her sweet and innocent act in full effect, Stephanie turned and smiled as she spoke, “Sure, that would be nice.”

“Okay, I’ll be at my place tonight. Hope to see you there.” Justin replied.

“Well if you give me your cell phone number and address, I’ll be there sooner.” Stephanie spoke.

“Sure.” Justin said as he wrote down his address and cell phone number for her.

Stephanie then took the piece of paper and puts in it down her top as she spoke, “Thank you”.

“Anytime.” Justin said with a smirk.

She leaned in close as she softly kissed his cheek and she leaned in over his ear, “I’ll see you tonight.”, sending her perfume scent for him to smell as she pulled back and left the locker room.

Later that night, Stephanie arrived at Justin’s place. She then took out her lip gloss, which had a strawberry-like taste. She applied it on her lips as she checked her makeup with her compact. She closed her compact and put it her purse as she rang the doorbell.

Justin answered the door and he said, “Stephanie, it’s so good to see you again.”

“Thank you for having me over.” Stephanie said as she walked over and took off her coat.

“I”m feeling a little better. Just needed to be alone for a little bit to clear my head.” Justin said to her.

Stephanie spoke as she put her purse on the table, “Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

She then sat down on the couch and crossed her legs.

“Yeah, even the shower I had made me feel better too.” Justin added.

“Really, well I can see that the shower really helped you quite..alot.” Stephanie replied.

“Yeah.” Justin replied as he smiled.

Stephanie spoke, “I’m kinda thirsty, do you have anything to drink?”

Justin said, “Sure, Steph. I have water,juice,milk,etc.”

“I was thinking of something” Stephanie spoke as she played with her hair.

“Okay, I have some wine, rum, tequila.” Justin said.

Stephanie spoke as she grinned, “Hmmm, tequila sounds good, would you care to join me in some shots?”

“Sounds good to me.” Justin said to her.

“How about I go freshen up and you set up the shots?” Stephanie grinned.

“Okay, take your time.” Justin said.

“Oh, I intend to.” Stephanie said as she kissed Justin on the cheek and went to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, shots were all set up with lime, salt, and tequila. Stephanie came out of the bathroom as she walked back to the sofa.

“Oooh, looks so good.” Stephanie said.

“Yeah, but you look hella good tonight.” Justin said to her.

Stephanie smiled as she spoke, “Mmmmm not so bad yourself, Justin.”

She then takes the salt and puts it on her hand and then licks it and then takes a sip and sucks the lime.

"Mmmm wow." She said.

Justin smiled at her and then said, "Wow, have you done this before?"

Stephanie said as she took another shot," Oh yeah, plenty of time after I caught your blondie girlfriend with my ex husband".

He smiled and laughed with her as he too salted and licked his hand, took a sip, and sucked the lime.

Stephanie spoke," What the hell did you saw in her?"

Justin replied, “I thought me and her had some kind of spark the first time we ever met. She was stunning, sexy, and sweet.”

Stephanie scoffed a bit as she spoke, " Spark ha yeah right..." she then does another one and downs the tequila faster.

He laughed with her and then asked, "Not to be in your business, but what about you and The Viper?"

Stephanie sucked another lime as she spoke, " Mmmm ,well I stole him from another girl... and well there wasn't exactly it was more about the sex". she grinned.

"I see. Nothing wrong with the sex." He said as then did the same with the lime.

Stephanie speaks with a grin" I enjoy having sex with men that aren't right for blondes, I hate blondies".

She went and then took his hand and poured salt on it and then licked it off him and then took another shot and sucked another lime

"Mmmmm that was hot." Stephanie said.

By the minute, Justin was immediately drawn to Stephanie. He in return poured some salt in his hand and spread it on Stephanie's neck. He then licked the salt, took a shot of tequila, and sucked a lime.

Stephanie closed her eyes a bit as she grinned," Mmmm, that was even more hotter".

Justin smiled and said ,"Yeah it was. Yet you're hotter." He then softly kissed her lips.

Stephanie kissed him back softly as she slowly pulled back a bit as she goes as she went and then pours some salt on his chest. She licked it off him and then took another shot, sucked a lime, and then kissed him more deeply.

He softly moaned enjoying the body shot Stephanie delivered. Steph kissed him deeply as she went and leaned in closer as she whispers in his ear, "Do you want me?”

"Hell to the yeah! I really really want you, Stephanie." Justin said looking into her Asian eyes.

Steph speaks, "Take me into your bedroom, Justin."

He carried her in his strong arms, "My pleasure." as he kissed her lips deeply. Stephanie kissed him back deeply as she put her arms around his neck. They arrived at the bedroom as Justin laid Stephanie on the bed while kissing her lips.

Stephanie continued kissing him back as she moaned between kisses, "mmm yes."

Justin took off Stephanie's shoes before taking the time to take off her clothes. Stephanie looks up at him as she sees his sexy chiseled chest.

“You look very sexy,Stephanie.” Justin said to her looking at every inch of her body.

Stephanie spoke, “You’re not too bad yourself, Justin.”

Justin smiled at her compliment as he caressed every square inch of her body and kissed her lips some more.

Stephanie kissed him back as she gasped, loving the feel of his touch.

“I even love your accent.” Stephanie added.

“Thanks.” Justin said as he kissed her neck while his hands ran up and down her back.

Stephanie closed her eyes as she softly moaned, “mmm oh yes.”

Justin then gently unhooked her bra while he kissed down her throat. Stephanie helped him take off her bra as he kissed down her neck. His hands stroked up and down her thighs, knees, and legs. Stephanie moaned as she gasped at the feel of his touch.
“You feel so good, Steph. Your skin feels like satin in my hands.” Justin said to her.

“I love the touch of your skin against mine, Justin.” Stephanie spoke.

Justin smiled as he moved his mouth lower to her breasts. Stephanie closed her Asian eyes as she moaned, “Mmmm.”

As Justin orally pleasured her breasts, his large hands stroked up and down the rest of her body. Stephanie enjoyed every moment of it. Justin moved his mouth down to her stomach, softly kissing her there. Stephanie gasped as she had a tingling feeling down there.

“Yes.” She softly moaned as Justin’s tongue softly circled her belly button.

“Oh my God.” Stephanie gasped a little more as Justin kissed and licked her stomach. His fingers then made a trace along the waistband of her panties.

Stephanie smiled a bit as she moaned, “Mmmm, that feels good.”

“I’m enjoying you by the moment, Stephanie.” Justin whispered.

Stephanie groaned, “Mmmm, Justin, I want that South African sensation.”

Justin looked up at her and said with a smile, “Oh I will, but first I want to explore your Asian express.”

“Oh please do,yes.” Stephanie moaned.

Justin smiled as he slowly took off her panties and took his time tasting her downstairs.

“Mmmm, oh Justin.” Stephanie moaned as she closed her eyes.

Her clear juices tasted honey sweet to Justin’s lips and tongue.

Stephanie thought to herself, “Oh damn, he’s way better than Randy.”

While he kissed and licked her Asian express, Justin slid one of his fingers in and out of her. Stephanie then thought of what would it be like to feel his South African sensation inside of her Asian express. Justin continued to to taste her down there while his finger slid in and out of her Asian express, making the sensation even more intense. Stephanie felt her thighs quiver as Justin constantly licked her.

“Oh, Justin.” Stephanie moaned again and again.

After tasting her, Justin was ready to get inside her. “Ready for me, Steph?” Justin asked as he smiled at her.

“Oh yes yes yes.” Stephanie replied while in a lust-induced trance.

Justin took out a condom from from his nightstand, carefully put it on to his hardened South African sensation, and slowly slid inside Stephanie’s Asian express.

“Oh Justin.” Stephanie gasped as he stroked his sensation in and out of her.

Justin kissed her neck and his hands caressed her body as he deeply stroked her. He moaned with her, his sensation felt so good inside her. He thrusted in and out of her deeper and a little harder as their bodies closely rubbed against each other. He then trusted a little faster, taking Stephanie over the edge. Then, they came together in sexual unison and Justin held Stephanie close to his body.

He deeply kissed Stephanie on the lips while his fingers stroked her long black hair. Their hearts beated closed to each other.

“That was just too amazing for words. It was so good it’s like I forgot all about what-his-name.” Stephanie said as she caught her breath.

“You really turn me on, Stephanie. I can’t wait to pleasure you again.” Justin said to her, looking into her almond-shaped eyes.

“I look forward to it, even without the tequila. But I definitely enjoyed the body shots with you, Justin.” Stephanie replied.

“Likewise.” Justin replied as he kissed her lips again.


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