Friday, August 12, 2011

Defending The Viper (a Viperess story)-Randy Orton visual

Randy and I were out on a hot and romantic date together. We had dinner and dessert and went dancing at the club. After all that, we took a romantic, nighttime stroll at the park. We looked into each other’s eyes while one of his strong arms wrapped around my waist.

As we enjoyed our romantic stroll, this skinny, dark haired man jumped in front of us with a knife in his hand. So I then kicked the knife out of his hand as I pepper sprayed him in the face. Next, Randy reached behind the would-be robber and RKO’d him. Just as the robber was getting up, I kicked and jabbed him with my snakeskin print heels. I even briefly choked him on his throat on the bench with one of my shoes.

As soon as I let the robber go to come up for air, he looked at me and Randy and ran out of here.

I looked at Randy and asked, “Are you okay, baby?”

He then walked up to me, gave me a big hug, and said, “I’m alright. How about you?”

“Same here. even though I’m a little shaken.” I replied.

“You were amazing tonight, handling that robber.” Randy said, looking into my deep brown eyes.

I said to him, “Thanks, I took a couple of self-defense classes and also took classes over at Stiletto Spy School.”

Randy smiled at me and said, “Well, you definitely have some sexy, killer heels on your feet.”

I smiled and blushed at his compliment. I then wrapped my arms around his neck as I passionately kissed his lips. As we kissed, Randy ran his fingers through my silky, curly, black hair. He inhaled my scent as he moved his lips down to my neck.

Randy whispered in my ear, “Let’s go to your place.”

“Okay.” I said to him as we got up from the park bench.

Before leaving the park, I took off my heels, took out a pair of snake print flats from my purse, and put them on my feet.

“As much as I love my high heels, I do like to be comfortable and these flats are definitely comfortable.” I said to him as we walked to my place.

Once we got there, Randy and I passionately made out with his body pressed against mine. We went into the living room and sat on the sofa; our hands caressed each other’s bodies. Randy then gently broke the kiss.

I asked him, “Why did you stop?”

Randy smiled at me as he said, “I’m just checking to see if you have wings, because you’re my angel.”

I smiled at his compliment and said, “Oh, Randy. I see yours, especially because you have angel wing tattoo on your arm.”

Randy and I resumed passionately kissing each other on the lips. Then, I said, “I don’t know about you, but I think what had happened tonight has made us closer. You had my back and I had yours.”

“Yeah. I really felt close to you when you kicked that robber’s ass. I just love it when you’re sexy and strong.” Randy replied as he took off his jacket and shirt.

I slowly got up and turned on the stereo. Rihanna’s “Skin”started playing as I slowly danced to the music. As I seductively moved my body, I slowly unzipped my black lace motorcycle jacket, letting it slowly fall from my shoulders. I seductively unzipped my black leather bustier while I softly traced my fingers along my collarbone and the tops of my breasts.

I then slowly unhooked my red satin corset, which revealed a black padded push-up bra I wore underneath. My long pearl necklace rested between my breasts as I slowly grinded my hips against his lap. Randy softly touched my face. I kissed his lips before slowly getting up. With my back facing Randy, I slowly took off my black leather pants and teasingly revealed a pearl g-string with black lace on top. I slowly turned to face him and softly touched his hot, ripped body. Randy smiled as he from the sofa, held me close, and said, “You really turn me on, especially with leather, lace, and pearls. I’m getting closer to you by the second. Even your Midnight Poison perfume turns me on.”

He then scooped me up in his arms and returned my kiss on the lips. Once we went into the my bedroom, he gently laid my body down. I looked into his blue eyes as he joined me on the bed. He deeply kissed my lips as he reached around and unhooked my bra. I moaned as he softly kissed and licked my womanly breasts. I gasped when he took of my nipples into his his mouth while my hands ran up and down his muscular back. He came back up to my lips and kissed me again as I laid him down on the bed.

I kissed and licked his chest down to his ripped abs while his hands gently played with my hair. I listened to him sigh and moan as my lips made a stop to the waistline of his pants. I then took off his dark jeans, letting the drop to the bedroom floor. I kissed my way back to his as one of my hands slid into his boxer shorts; my fingers softly touched his vanilla velvet viper, gradually waking it up with my touch. Then, I slowly took him into my mouth. I gave his vanilla velvet viper slow, cat-like licks while Randy gently played with my hair. I sucked and licked him some more as he moaned a little louder. I moved my mouth up his body and passionately kissed his lips.

While he kissed my lips, Randy laid me on my back on top of the bed. My hands ran up and down his muscular back as he kissed my neck. He kissed and licked down my body till he stopped at my waistline. I watched as he softly licked his fingers before rubbing my pussy lips. I gasped as he slipped a finger or two into my warm, wet pussy. He looked and smiled at me, sensing my arousal, before replacing his fingers with his mouth. I got wetter as he tasted my juices again and again. His mouth and tongue felt good all over me, especially on my pussy. I moaned as loud as I wanted to as he kept on licking me. I felt my juices about leak onto his mouth with every lick. Then, he got up, slipped a condom onto his still hardened vanilla velvet viper, and deeply went inside my pussy. His hands held on to my hips as he thrusted in and out. As he slid in and out of my pussy, I moaned and groaned as I loud as I can while his hands caressed every inch of my body.

“Randy, Randy.......” I moaned his name again and again.

“Cum for me, my sexy, sweet Viperess. I love hearing your moans and groans.” Randy moaned as he looked into my deep brown eyes.

We kept going and going then he took out his cock out of my pussy, took off the condom, and squirted his hot venom onto my breasts and stomach. He pulled me close to his naked, sweaty body and passionately, deeply kissed my lips.

“Baby, you’re amazing as always, my sexy and dangerously hot Viper.” I said to him, looking into his blue fuck me eyes.

“I can never get enough of you, my angelic, sexy Viperess.” Randy replied as he smiled at me.

Not only did that encounter with the would-be robber made us closer, it had also made us hotter in thr process.


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