Thursday, June 23, 2011

Preview: Spa Date- an Alex Riley fan fic

It was a busy, yet productive day over at the Sweet Peach boutique on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. The boutique’s run by two African-American sisters, Erica and Emma Milton. Erica, the oldest, is the fashion designer with her own fashion line. Emma, the youngest, has her bath & body line called Bath Temptations. Erica’s clothing line is called Eveningwear by Erica, which has sexy, gorgeous evening gowns and nighttime party dresses.

While both sisters have successful lines, both have plenty of ideas to expand their businesses; Emma’s starting up a fragrance while Erica’s trying to start up a lingerie line exclusively made for plus-size women.

“Emma, I’m going to lunch with my friends. Will you watch the store?” Erica said as she was about to step out.

“Sure, sis. Can you bring me back a steak-and-Swiss panini and two cookies, one triple chocolate chip and one chocolate chip with nuts?” Emma said to her sister.

“Sure, Emma.” Erica said.

“Thanks.” Emma replied.

As soon as Erica left for lunch with her friends, Emma set up a display for her Bath Temptations line. Her line, which includes oils, body washes, lotions, sugar scrubs, and salt scrubs. She also had been creating new scents in time for the summer.

A couple of minutes later, a tall, fit, white guy with blue eyes and dark brown hair wearing a t-shirt and jeans came into the store.
Emma got up, looked at him, walked up to the guy and said, “Welcome to Sweet Peach. May I help you with something?”

“Hi. I’m just looking.” The guy said.

“Well if you need me, I’m right here.” Emma said.

While the guy looked around the boutique and its merchandise, Emma straightened up the place, made some business calls, and handled some deliveries. She even did some restocking for the shelves and racks.

“Excuse me, miss. I was just noticing some of these bath products you have.” They guy said to her.

“Why yes, it’s my bath and body line called Bath Temptations.” Emma told him.

“Wow! That’s your line? Impressive.” He said to her.

“Thanks, my line also has oils, which I call my 3-in-1 oils. You can put them in a bath; pour it on your body after a shower, or use as massage oil. The good thing about the 3-in-1 oil is that it does all three things.” Emma explained to him.

“That’s so neat. I could use a massage, my muscles get really sore. I believe I’ll take a few bottles of the oil.” He said to her.

“Fantastic! Follow me to the register and I’ll ring you up.” Emma said with enthusiasm.

“You got some amazing names for the scents like Mojito Mamacita, Sandalwood Sensuality, Citrus Stimulation, etc.” The guy said.
Emma smiled and said, “Next to creating the products and scents, the fun part for me is naming them.”

“In addition to these oils, I also like to buy a few of these sugar and salt scrubs and I also like to buy two of those body washes.” The guy said to her.

“Great!” Emma said as she smiled at him.

The guy gave Emma his credit card. Once she ran the card through the register and it got approved, Emma put all the purchases into a peach-and-pink-striped shopping bag.

“Thanks so much, Miss…” The guy said as he tried to get her name.
“Emma, Emma Milton.” Emma said as she put her business/contact card into the bag along with the receipt.

“Very nice to meet you. My name’s Alex.” He said as he introduced himself to Emma and took his bag.

“Thanks for shopping at Sweet Peach. Please come again soon.” Emma greeted as Alex left the shop.

After meeting, Erica came back with her and Emma’s lunches. While eating lunch, Emma talked to her sister about Alex. Erica was happy that her younger sister met and talked with a guy.

Emma then received a text message on her cell phone. It was from Alex and he wanted to invite to his place for a date tonight. Emma replied to his message, saying she’ll see him tonight.

That night she and Erica closed up shop for the night, Emma got into her fire red convertible and went over to Alex’s place. She arrived at door, wearing the same clothes as she had on that day.

“Emma, I’m so glad that you could make it. Please come in.” Alex said as he let Emma into his apartment.

Emma took a good look at his place and said, “What a nice apartment you have there, Alex.”

“Thanks, Emma. After meeting you at the boutique, I had an idea for out date.” Alex said to her.

“Oh, and what is that idea?” Emma asked him.
Alex smiled at Emma and said, “I was thinking we should have a spa date. The two of us getting pampered in private and using the products I bought from the boutique.”

“Ooh, sounds relaxing and hot.” Emma replied.

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