Saturday, May 1, 2010

She Didn't Deserve a Broken Heart-Stone Cold Steve Austin fan fic

Amber was at the club with her girlfriends on a Friday night. She wanted to go to with her boyfriend Rodger, but he had other plans. They were all having a good time and dancing. Couple of minutes later, they saw Rodger at the club with another woman. Amber's friends notified her in an instant and they went over to confront him. The verbal smackdown started at Rodger and ended with the other woman. Next thing you know, they all took it to the streets.

As soon as that confrontation was over, Amber began to let it all out by crying. Her friends went to console her. Then, a big, tall, muscled, bald-headed big guy walked up to them.

"Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear the commotion outside. Are you okay?" He asked, looking directly at Amber.

"Just gone through a very bad, humiliating breakup with my no good boyfriend who had just left with another woman." She said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Where is that slimeball?" He asked while he looked for Rodger.

"He just left." She replied as she left with her friends to her car.

"Mind if I walk with you? We can go to my place because I wouldn't want you to get into an accident when you're this emotional." He offered as he walked up to her. Amber told her friends to go home without her and waved for a taxi. She even took out some cash, gave it to the cab driver, and let him know their addresses so can they get home.

"Sure. In case you're wondering, my name's Amber." She said.

"I'm Steve and it's very nice to meet you." He replied.

Steve and Amber walked over to his place down the block. As soon as they got there, Steve let her in and they sat down on the living room sofa.

Looking upset and tense, Amber clenched her fists and said, "I can not believe he did this to me. Not only did he cheat on me, he also broke up with me in public and to add insult to injury, he brings the woman he's been seeing to the club. Now I just hate him this much."

Steve looked into her eyes and said, "That's awful what he did. Plus, it is his loss anyways. He doesn't deserve a woman like you."

Suddenly, Steve pulled her close to his body and deeply kissed her lips. His hands were placed on her upper back and held her tight. He then lifted and carried her to the bedroom. Steve then took off his shirt, showing Amber his strong body before kissing her neck. She softly moaned while his hands slipped under her orange long-sleeved crewneck shirt. He then unhooked her bra underneath her shirt before taking it off. His mouth lowered to kiss and lick her breasts while his hands moved down to the waistband of her denim miniskirt. Amber had became so overwhelmed with passion, she didn't even care about her ex and her heartbreak was out of sight, out of mind. Steve took off her miniskirt and then lifted her with her back against the wall. She was amazed by his physical strength as he wrapped her legs around his neck. He took off her panties and began to suck and lick her tight, pink woman cave. Amber moaned and groaned loudly as she was orally pleasured and she wrapped her legs around his neck a little tighter. She felt a very sexual rush in her hormones while her juices rushed into his mouth. Steve's cock was hardening by the minute as he single-handedly took off his jeans. He carried Amber back to the bed and laid himself down. Amber was very wet between her legs, yet she was curious about having sex with a very strong man like Steve.

Steve let out a large moan as Amber placed her mouth on to his cock. His hands played with her silky web of dark brown hair as he enjoyed her. Even they were both horny, Steve felt in his heart that Amber deserved someone better than her jerk of an ex Rodger and he was just that someone for her. After going down on him, he was ready for her. His cock was all hers for the taking. Amber slipped her tight woman lips on his cock and began riding him. She loudly gasped at the feel of him inside her. Steve wrapped his arms around her waist as she rode his cock. Their moans made an erotic symphony as their bodies rubbed against each making a spark to a burning flame. As their bodies rocked, Amber was about to reach orgasm while Steve began kissing her lips on and off.

"Amber, my cock is all yours!" He loudly yelled just as they were about to climax.

Once they had reached a collective orgasm, Amber gently collasped into Steve's arms as their bodies rested close to each other. After tonight, Amber and Steve can't wait to get more of each other.


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