Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Preview of Randy Orton fan fic-A Desirable Recovery

My name's Michelle Drake and I'm a psychologist. I love what I do, listen to people's problems and help them with their situations while getting inside their minds in a mental sense. I don't mind earning a living from it, I just love it because I'm a good listener and very approachable. As busy as my day, my own mind was occupied by something, more likely someone. My mind was on my boyfriend Randy. I just missed him so much because he was away overseas with the other wrestlers at a match over in Ireland. They had to stay put for a while because of the smoke from that volcano in Iceland and the flights had to be grounded. However, he did call on my cell phone to tell me that everyone's fine and all that. It felt good to hear his voice over the phone.

His voice wasn't the only thing I missed about him. I missed his tattooed arms wrapped around me as he holds me, his smile, his kisses, etc. I felt lonely and cold in my own bed, not being with him. I've heard from some of my friends, who are wrestling fans, say a lot of crap because they're not fans of his. What they say about him didn't matter to me. In my mind, wrestlers have what I called a Jekyll/Hyde complex to them because they have to fight in the ring and that in public they are actually nice.

Every now and then, I still think about my first time with Randy, which was a couple of months ago. Randy may look intense and dangerous, but when it came to having sex with me, he treats me really, really good. He really knew how to please me, especially with his hands and his mouth. Plus, he loves it when I'm on top of him. There was even this one time I returned the favor when I gave him a massage. I even surprised him by wearing a wig and having all these different massage oils. He loved my surprise and it made him feel a lot better.

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  1. really great.. wow.. your writing has changed from a few years ago! Practice does make perfect!